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If the product you require isn't listed here, please contact us as we are able to source ANY product for you pool.


Onga SilentFlo

The Onga SilentFlo is the swimming pool pump for high quality pool installations. With its industry-leading efficiency, it lowers the total cost of pool ownership, while extremely low-noise levels improve your outdoor living.

The SilentFlo benefits from being moulded from a proprietary thermoplastic, reinforced with glass fibres to give ultimate strength. Each pump in the range has a motor with a high protection rating and is underloaded for long life.
Strength, long life and efficiency all keep the costs of being a pool owner down. And, even better, low noise means you can run this pump at night without angry neighbours!


Hurlcon BX Series

The BX series are Hurlcon's new premier high-performance pumps.
Huge hair and lint pot with 170mm wide and 230mm deep basket 65mm and 50mm unions included. Whisper quiet operation. Ramp-on lid lock-ring for easy removal and positive sealing. True carbon face mechanical seal
Suitable for demanding applications and smaller commercial pools and spa.

Poolrite SQ Series
The Poolrite 'SQ Series' pumps feature:
  1800cc hair/lint pot
  Corrosion-proof glass reinforced closed-face impeller
  Low noise running
  Heavy-duty weatherproof motor with thermal overload protection
  Quick connect union adapters
  Made from all new engineering polymer
  Six-position rotary valve
  Non-corrosive construction + life-time UV protection
  Large flow capacity and long filter cycles
  Automatic air relief system
  Integral pressure gauge
  Easy connect plumbing

5 year full warranty + additional 5 year pro-rata on tank
All other components - 12 months warranty

Onga Leisure Time

The Australian made 'Leisure Time' range of pool pumps with ZX2 technology are ideal for domestic pool and spa applications. They offer unique corrosion protection with a double zinc coated end shield. The 'Leisure Time' pool pumps have been designed to provide performance at a realistic cost.

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Hurlcon Filters

The Hurlcon high strength HDPE seamless rotationally moulded RX filter contains larger tank capacity and higher flow rates enabling the pool water to be filtered more effectively in a shorter period of time, saving expense on pump operating costs.

The ZX Cartridge filter works very effectively in keeping the water crystal clear. The high quality Dupont Reemay element works by filtering fine particles without embedding them in the element while the lock ring band secures the removable lid firmly, allowing quick and easy removal for cleaning.

Poolrite Filters
The Poolrite 'Enduro' range of cartridge filters feature:
  Suitable for all swimming pools and spas
  Large filter surface areas in a compact filter tank
  Long life heavy-duty polyester cartridge for long cycles and minimum cleaning
  The filter element can be hosed clean
  Integral air relief valve and pressure gauge

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Hurlcon VX Chlorinators
Hurlcon VX reverse polarity self-cleaning salt chlorinators mean continuously pure, shimmering, crystal clear water.
Features include:
  50mm water connections on cell housing
  Self cleaning by reversing polarity to maximize cell life
  Electronic control with Genus IV Remote Control
  5 year unconditional warranty on cell
  5 year pro-rata warranty on power pack

All models available with or without time clock.
VX7 and VX9 also have light transformer option.

Crystal Clear

All models are manufactured with an aluminium chassis and a quality zinc plated powder coated cabinet. Its robust electronics are designed especially for our harsh Australian conditions. With the Self cleaning units these chlorinators provide excellent performance with little to no maintenance.

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The Zodiac top-of-the-range Baracuda G4 is the ultimate in pool cleaning, designed to give you more time in your pool and less time maintaining it.
  Only one moving part for trouble-free maintenance and quiet operation
  Climbs over main drains, lights, and return fittings without getting stuck
  Steers in a random pattern through the pool
  XYLEX™ resin sail creates a “downdraught” effect that gives maximum
     adhesion and surface coverage
  Complete with 12m hose kit

Kreepy Krauly 'Marathon'

The latest model pool cleaning system will keeps your pool sparkling clean and ready to use, automatically. The Marathon system works with your existing filter, gently gliding across your pools floor and walls.

As it vacuums, sweeps and scrubs away dirt, algae and loose scale, the Kreepy Krauly Autoskim feature clears your pool's surface of any floating debris.

Unique 4 Way Action
This four-way function forms the Marathon's unique cleaning action. The high efficiency scoop concentrates the water flow in a single stream to ensure maximum vacuuming power. The unrestricted flow cannot put pressure on your pump like many other cleaners. The Marathon is incredibly reliable because it only uses one moving part.

  Suitable for concrete, vinyl or fibreglass It comes with a complete 2 year full
     system warranty.

The Klever Kleena

The ultimate in compact automatic pool cleaning systems. Compact size means it can get into nooks and crannies in all types of pools and will never get stuck.
Programmed to automatically manoeuvre around all obstacles so you can just install and forget it. It does all the hard work for you. The Klever Kleena will clean your pool quickly and quietly.

As it has fewer working parts (no nuts, bolts, or screws) than other geared cleaners, the Klever Kleena will give you years of reliable service.
  A two year warranty is standard.

Onga Sta-Rite Automatic Cleaner - 'Pool Shark'

The ‘PoolShark' is a unique variation of the Sta-Rite two-way cleaning design.

Its bottom platform features multiple rows of squeegee-like fins which easily dislodge stubborn dirt and debris, while its vortex vacuum chamber creates a powerful suction to clean the debris.

Cutting a 300mm cleaning path, this automatic pool cleaner easily cleans gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl surfaces in all types of in-ground pools.

Designed to stay out of corners, off steps and away from ladders, the ‘PoolShark' is the pool builder's choice for fast and effective cleaning


Onga Sta-Rite Automatic Cleaner - 'Great White'

Sta-Rite's patented technology was first incorporated with the 'Great White' cleaner. The unique bristle drive and oscillating vortex design effectively scrubs and vacuums away large and small debris.

Well suited for flat, dish, incline, and hopper-bottom pools, the cleaner clears an impressive 380mm path and powerfully cleans gunite, fiberglass, vinyl, and other specialty surfaces. The unique turning mechanism allows the unit to cover the entire pool area and escape from even the most difficult areas

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